The Paramedicine Across Canada Expo (PACE) 2017, being held by our colleagues in the Paramedic Association of Canada, is designed to bring together front-line paramedics from all practice settings to learn and network with each other. Regardless of your location, background, or experience, the various tracks that this conference offers (clinical, education, specialty, as well as mental health and wellness) ensure there is something of interest for everyone.

Paramedicine Across Canada Expo will be held in the beautifully historic Québec City at the Québec City Convention Centre.

This expo looks to reduce borders across the paramedicine discipline by providing education, networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities. The educator, clinical and specialty tracks will ensure that you can learn more about the unique aspects of patient care in diverse practice settings from a variety of first-hand sources, including the following:

  • Front-line paramedics, who are the mainstay of ground ambulance, providing care in the out-of-hospital continuum that runs the gamut from emergency care to palliative pain management and community care
  • Paramedics providing occupational health and emergency care and safety on remote and rural sites
  • Paramedic-firefighters or tactical paramedics providing disaster or scene support
  • Military med-techs embedded at the military front line

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