About Us

The Irish College of Paramedics (ICoP) is a professional body, concerned with the development and promotion of our profession. It is not based on the organisation you work or volunteer for, but based on an all-inclusive non-discriminatory membership. It is not a college, not a university, but ‘collegial’ defined as: ‘Co-operative interaction among colleagues’ or a group of professionals working for our profession.

ICoP represents the profession, and includes all levels of registered pre-hospital practitioner. As well as registered practitioners (EMTs, Paramedics and Advanced Paramedics), our membership includes associate members: all those with a ‘pre-hospital’ interest, and is not restricted to registrants only. It is an all-encompassing body representing practitioners and responders from professional, voluntary and private organisations.

Our Mission

To provide a platform for the development of the paramedic profession, for all registered practitioners and those allied professionals with an interest in pre-hospital care, in order to maintain, advance and contribute to the betterment of pre-hospital care provision to the Public.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Irish College of Paramedics is:

  • To become the professional body for registered pre-hospital practitioners in Ireland
  • To promote and maintain the highest standards of professional competence and practice
  • Pursue and organise educational events for members
  • Establish a governing committee representative of the 3 registered levels without regard to rank or organisational background
  • Act as an authoritative professional body for the purpose of consultation in matters of public and professional interest concerning pre-hospital emergency care
  • Raise the profile of the profession and promote public awareness
  • Actively engage with our current regulatorybody - The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council, or other related regulators, on matters within our function and remit
  • Award various membership levels dependent upon additional qualifications or enhanced contribution to the profession
  • Establish a membership that represents all registered pre-hospital practitioners: Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Advanced Paramedics
  • Accept  registered practitioners from all organisations: statutory, auxiliary, voluntary, full-time or part-time
  • Establish professional links with allied professions both nationally and internationally
  • Provide professional support and benefits for members
  • Encourage education and continuous personal and professional development
  • To promote, initiate and publish research related to the paramedic profession and prehospital care
  • To enable career development, educate members and promote and develop the paramedic profession

  • The Function of the ICoP is not to replace the role of recognised unions or negotiate with employers/organisations in relation to contracts, pay and conditions.

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