Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council – Recruitment

Opportunity for Emergency Medical Technicians/Paramedics/Advanced Paramedics


For the first time in almost twenty years, Ireland’s Regulator for paramedics, the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC)  is now seeking applicants for three Senior Positions within the organisation for permanent contracts with immediate appointment.  There is now an opportunity for paramedics (EMTS & Aps)  to help form the future of paramedicine within Ireland by joining this Regulatory body and aid in supporting their mission of maintaining and monitoring standards of excellence in the delivery of pre-hospital care.

Since PHECC was established under Statutory Instrument (S.I 109, 2000), the paramedic profession has evolved and continues to improve with the introduction of national regulated practice and registration.


Now is the time to consider joining the Regulator and assist in the continued development of your profession. 

If you have that ambition to move your profession forward, then consider one of the three positions advertised on PHECC’s website.

They are, Programme Managers (Grade 8) for:    a) Accreditation

  1. b) Clinical Information and Examinations
  2. c) Clinical

These are Senior Executive positions within PHECC.


Closing date is 30th November (details included through the following link)