23rd May 2015 - 10.00am
Red Cow Moran Hotel, Dublin

Irish College of Paramedics Annual General Meeting is held once every year

Motions For Consideration

The following motions have been submitted for consideration:

Motion 1

That the Irish College of Paramedic will adopt the following as policy:

That the Paramedic profession in Ireland is expanded through new and innovative roles such as critical care paramedic, community paramedic and physician assistant thereby enahancing integrated healthcare.

Motion 2

That the Irish College of Paramedics will adopt the following as policy:

That access to the Paramedic profession in Ireland is enhanced by a transition from a vocational training module to tertiary paramedic education within a three to five year period.  Access to paramedic education would primarily be through the CAO system with access for mature students.

Motion 3

To ask this AGM and Committee to support and campaign for this motion.

‘That Paramedic training be made available to current EMTs working in the Private Sector and/or Volunteer Sector’

Essentially, a person cannot train to become a Paramedic in Ireland and be accredited to PHECC without being attached to the HSE/ NAS or DFB. This has the effect of limiting the availability of Paramedic level practitioners to the Private and Volunteer Sector.

A person can apply and qualify to attend medical school and train as a Doctor, but not a Paramedic.

I am aware that there are plans to introduce a Graduate entry level course in Paramedic science in the near future but this will more than likely be restricted to sponsorship from the HSE. 

This motion is about campaigning for EMT’s who have acquired relevant experience to expand their skill base in providing patient care who otherwise cannot progress to Paramedic level.

Please support this motion.


Confirmed Nominations

The following have been correctly nominated, hold a valid PHECC PIN number, and are members in good standing of ICOP.  They are now nominated for election:

Caroline Reeves

Mike Kelly

Frances Horgan

David Mowlds

Shane Knox

Padraig Glynn


As part of the ICOP AGM we require nominations from members to become part of the committee.
3 persons are required to be nominated from each level of practitioner: EMT/ Paramedic / Advanced Paramedic
Nominees must be registered members of ICOP and PHECC registered on or before the 8th May 2015.

How The Nomination Process Works

To be nominated you :

  2. Fill in your name and relevant details.
  3. Get two registered ICOP Members that are PHECC registered Practitioners of the same practicing level to sign the form nominating you for your level of practitioner to be part of the ICOP Committee.
  4. Return the signed form to the postal address given before 8th May 2015.
  5. Nominations will be posted on the AGM web page from 12th May 2015.


Each nominee must have nomination form signed by two registered practitioners of the same level.
Nominations and nominees must be registered with ICOP and PHECC in order to be considered.
Please include all relevant information in order for the nomination to be processed in a timely fashion.
Forms must be handwritten and signed.
E-mails scanned will be accepted so long as the original form is sent via post to the given address before the cut-off date.
Please send all nominations to icoptreasurer@gmail.com
Nominees must be registered members of ICOP and PHECC - registered on or before the 8th May 2015 (12pm).
If you wish to remove yourself from the nominations you have until 12th May 2015 (12pm) to declare your resignation from the nomination.


  1. Voting will be held on 23rd May 2015 at 10am at the Red Cow Moran Hotel, Dublin.
  2. Voting will cease at 11am for votes to be counted.
  3. You can only vote for persons listed on the nominations page of the web site.
  4. You must attend the voting in person to receive the voting card and for your vote to be counted.  **If you are voting by proxy, a correctly completed proxy form must be lodged to the Honorary Secretary before 8th May 2015. Such a form is available from the Honorary Secretary - please send your request to : icoptreasurer@gmail.com
  5. Voting is not held online, and ICOP will not accept voting via e-mail.
  6. Successful nominees will be announced at the AGM meeting at 1pm sharp.