Is there something you can do to develop your profession?  Can you offer assistance?  That might simply be joining and registering your interest in participating with the research surveys.  Alternatively, just join and expand our membership.  Your membership helps give us a voice.

We intend to develop our links with other professional bodies both nationally and internationally and work has commenced on this already.

Remember, we are not a Union or Regulator; we are a group of like-minded individuals who want to develop our Profession by working together and helping each other.  We would welcome your suggestions as to where we should go from here, but as a first step, we would like you to join us on our journey and help us develop ourselves as a Profession in Ireland and a Professional Body Internationally.

By Profession we help others, now we need to help ourselves…..Develop into a National Professional Body!


Shane (Knox)

President, Irish College of Paramedics