The Diploma in Immediate Medical Care awarded by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is an internationally recognised award specifically aimed at the area of pre-hospital emergency medical care. The study syllabus is based on phase 1 of the UK Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine curriculum. Award examinations are inter-professional with a set standard regardless of candidates’ clinical level or back-round. The Dip IMC has a reputation for being difficult to pass and, equally, for attracting medical professionals of the highest standard at all grades.

To date in Ireland, it has mostly been doctors specialising in emergency medicine that have attempted the award. With the introduction of advanced paramedic practice, the range of practitioners eligible to attempt it has increased. At the time of writing, three Irish advanced paramedics have successfully achieved the award.

While it is a difficult award to achieve, and much content is outside current Irish paramedic scope of practice, a motivated, well prepared advanced paramedic can be successful. This article outlines the processes and preparations that two such paramedics followed to successfully achieve the Dip IMC RCSEd.

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