Thursday 25th August marks another historical and significant day in the history of Irish Paramedicine. For the first time ever in Ireland, registered paramedics have had the opportunity to access the first paramedic degree programme offered by an Irish University.  These paramedics completed their degree - BSc. Paramedic Studies, with the University of Limerick.  This is a significant and progressive step for the individual students, the profession in Ireland and the University of Limerick.

The University of Limerick is the first Irish University to provide the BSc. Paramedic Studies for registered paramedics.  It is also the first University in Ireland to provide the undergraduate Paramedic programme commencing September 2016 through the Central Applications process.

The University of Limerick has a track record in leading the way.  As far back as 2007 the University of Limerick was successful in their bid to become the first Irish University to establish a Graduate Entry Medical School.

The University’s Graduate Entry Medical School continues to lead the way for University Paramedic Education.  2016 marks the first year of Paramedic BSc awards, one year after the graduation of Ireland’s first paramedic PhD, Dr. Shane Knox, also a first for the GEMS at the University of Limerick.

‘I had the privilege of being invited to attend a presentation yesterday in the University of Limerick to celebrate the achievements of this cohort of graduands.  This was an outstanding achievement by all involved including the students, their families the academic staff, the course director, Mr. Mark Dixon, the Graduate Entry Medical School and the University of Limerick.  It marks a significant milestone in the continued development of our profession in Ireland and aligns us to many other colleague paramedics, internationally.  Well done to all those registrants who graduated.  This was a historical day for you and your families, the University and the Profession.  Now what’s next?  Excellent achievement and I am very proud to be a member of this thriving, advancing profession.  Well Done!

Dr. Shane Knox, President of the Irish College of Paramedics.