MovemberThe men in the National Ambulance Service Operation Centre Control Room have already raised over €1,000 for Movember with their hairy mos.

Cathal Keaveney spoke to about the campaign.

“Since we are dealing with emergency services, we decided we’d like to raise some money. It’s going directly to cancer research – I know some people do it for different charities but ours is just going to the Movember cancer charity”.

This is the first year that the National Ambulance Service have grown moustaches for Movember, joining the Dublin Fire Brigade.

“They’re coming on grand. There’s plenty of slagging in the control room... everyone thinks we look ridiculous”.

“It’s all a bit of fun – in-house craic”.

The men man the Operations Centre in Dublin for the Emergency Services, transferring calls, dispatching services and providing emergency advice over the phone.

“We’re mostly behind the phones so it’s all about promoting it online”.

Keaveney says the team are motivating each other to raise money.

“There’s a bit of rivalry as to who will raise the most money.... we’re not doing too bad for our first year!”

The team have raised over €1,100 so far and you can donate to their fundraising page here. (

There are 17 members of the ‘Motrollers’ – the name the men have given to themselves. They post weekly updates of the progress on their Facebook Page.

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