PUBLISHED  26/02/2014 | 05:22 Bray People

A Bray cyclist who was injured while being taken to hospital was awarded €27,700 in damages in the Circuit Civil Court last week.


Stephen Burns (37) The Pines, Ashbury Park, Sidmonton Road, had been cycling down a hill in Bray in March 2012 when he fell head-first, hit a rock, and temporarily lost consciousness.


The court heard that Mr. Burns then suffered neck and back soft tissue injuries after the spinal board he was lying on allegedly slid away when the ambulance braked suddenly. Mr. Burns walked down the hill carrying the bike after his initial fall, he met a woman who saw that he was bleeding and his right eye was swollen and called an ambulance. He said that he stepped into the ambulance, was placed on a stretcher bed, and his head was isolated by head blocks. He claimed he was not wearing a neck collar when the ambulance had to stop suddenly.


The court heard he was thrown forward and his head hit a partition. Mr. Burns sued the HSE and the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland. The court heard some liability was agreed and the case had been reduced to an assessment of the damages only.

Judge Mahon said the stop had been very violent and had caused Mr Burns' injuries. He said he was satisfied that the driver had not caused the accident and awarded €27,700.

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